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Atlantis Marina Village Bahamas Engagement

Rashan and Jamal met in March 2011 at a local fitness center where Rashan worked at the time. Jamal and his co-worker who were members of the fitness center, both were interested in “the girl behind the counter.” However, it was Jamal who would be victorious in sparking Rashan’s interest. Unbeknownst to Jamal, his coworker had already received Rashan’s number and he wasn’t to happy about it.”I was in awe and confused knowing she would not be interested in him. I made my move eventually, I approached the counter determined, I asked Rashan why was it that my friend had her number and I didn’t!,” recalled Jamal. Rashan did not like Jamal’s questioning and told him exactly that. “Mid workout, he [Jamal] approached the counter and asked me how come I didn’t give him my number and his friend, who he assumed didn’t have as much game as he did, had my number (Bear in mind this is the first day we met, how BOLD!). So I told him 1. He needs to fix his attitude and 2. All he had to do was simply ask nicely! That had shut him up! The following day, he [Jamal] boldly walked in and placed his cell phone behind the counter in front of me, told me to put my number in his phone and he’ll pick it up on the way out…hmph, how BOLD again! I put my number in the phone and he was more than happy about that,” said Rashan.  As the weeks passed, the two began to hang out and grew closer, while enjoying each other’s company. Although Jamal wanted more than a friendship, the two remained friends. Later that year, Rashan left home for medical school and eventually they lost contact. The following year May 2012, Rashan was home for summer break and wanted to reconnect with Jamal while she was home. ” I called my best friend and told her that she must find a way to contact him, I was bursting with excitement! Within minutes I received a phone call and I wanted to melt on the other end of the line. I was ecstatic to regain contact with him,” said Rashan. That summer a couple of  weeks before Rashan left for school, they both decided to make their relationship official. Although being in a long distance relationship presented some obstacles for the both of them, they made it through and are now planning their happily ever after together. Atlantis Marina Village Bahamas Engagement.

Bride: Rashan Leticia Dean, 26, Medical Student

Groom: H. Jamal Wallace, 25, Ship Agent

Place of residence: Nassau, The Bahamas

Engagement Shoot Location: Atlantis Marina Village Bahamas Engagement

Atlantis, Paradise Island

Wedding date: 12/19/15

Wedding location: Casa Al Mare, Yamacraw, Nassau, The Bahamas

Wedding theme: Classic Vintage

Photographer: Stanley Babb

As Seen on: Black Bride 1998



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