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Bahamas Beach Family Photos

Bahamas Beach Family Photos

Such a hot day in the winter, made it a good day for Bahamas Beach Family Photos. Prior speaking with Vashti a few months ago she was determined that I would be photography her amazing family. As I headed down to the Bahamas with my family for the christmas break, I thought it would be a good time to catch up on older inquiries that came in while I was in South Florida. After meeting up, we had no definitely shoot location. As we to took a 5 minute drive we stumbled upon an amazing beach that was practically in our backyards. Shortly after we started shooting little GiGi decided that she would be taking over the show. She just wanted all the attention, so you could imagine the shoot was all about her. Such a pleasure documenting the moments of this beautiful family. We was able to record some intimate moments with GiGi and her Dad, it was something special. We share some goods laughs as Eddie (Father) sung childhood song extremely loud to get Gigi to cooperate. I always look forward to amazing Bahamas photography session as such.

Bahamas Beach Family Photos: Orange Hill Beach





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