Bahamas Engagement Photographer

Bahamas Engagement Photographer

As a Bahamas Engagement Photographer I get to photograph on some of the most amazing backdrops. When I get a couple as amazing as Shawnell & Dauran it’s a major plus. As I reminisce about their awesome engagement session a few months ago, I must say I’m really excited about documenting their wedding tomorrow. Read on for more of this couple’s  love story and glimpse at their sophisticated, and chic Bahamas Engagement Photos.

How did you meet? “We met at our church. Dauran claims to have never seen me at  church before. However, I grew up in this church all my life with exception of studying abroad. After the first time I saw Shawnell it was alway difficult to get to speak to her in private. So eventually I did and then sought to invite Shawnell on a date with some friends. But for some strange reason we did not make it to the date with those friends but ended up in a coffee house having the greatest conversation of our lives, that’s been ongoing since 2014.”

Engagement story from the bride-to-be: My fiancee proposed to me on Valentine’s day. It was a complete surprise. We were waiting on our restaurant reservations and so in the meantime we went to the National Art Gallery in the Bahamas. We got our passes and went into the gallery. They told us there was a painter doing portrait for couples since it was Valentine’s day. We walked up and down the gallery and came one of the studio rooms. There was this guy offering to take our portrait and I was like “No thanks” I’m too hungry to wait on that. Then the painter said it was complimentary. So I said “Sure! We can sit” We were laughing and getting our picture painted on the couch and cameramen just flooded into the studio room from behind us. Then the painter turned the portrait around and it was a painting of us with “Will You Marry Me?” written above it. My fiancee got down on his knee and said I had made him a better man and am the love of his life and wanted the rest of his days to be filled with our love. He asked me to marry him and I said yes! He planned the whole thing. Afterwards he had driven me to an ocean view restaurant where both of our families were waiting for us. It was such a beautiful Valentine’s day surprise!

What was the theme of your Engagement session? A Private Getaway

What makes your love special? We first have a love for God that propels us to be each other’s strength, support, confidant, and much more. We make it a point to love in each other’s particular love language.


What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Shawnell: “Having the greatest gift from heaven in my life and by my side. I anticipate a beautiful day and the best moment of my life. So excited!”  Dauran: “I’m looking forward to seeing Shawnell walk down the aisle and spending the rest of my life with her.”




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