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Brendan Meyers Fitness

Brendan Meyers Fitness

Meet Fitness Celeb Brendan Meyers; as young adult and believer his goal is to change the lives of millions around the globe. Brendan Meyers Fitness he wasn’t always the sensation he is now he loves to share his story to help motivate others. He is also an inspirational speaker, YouTube star, and much more. As a former college football student athlete at Florida Atlantic, Brendan has decided to part ways with football to train, mentor, and influence individuals of all ages to become the best that they can be. Brendan claims this quotes by Robert H. Schulle  “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” played a part to his success which enabled him to learned to overcome obstacles from individuals telling him he could not start at the college football level to not being able to do calisthenics because of his height and weight. This quote not only pushed him past what others thought, but also showed him that anything is possible, as long as one puts enough work and effort into something.

 “I was just searching on Instagram, just browsing new photos that came up in the “General Newsfeed” when I saw a photo of a guy who looked as if he was boxing. It was crazy because I couldn’t find a single flaw within the photo and loved the effects. I clicked on the photo and Stanlo Photography came up. In the shoot I was looking for an amazing sunrise with me popping out a lot with many cuts. That is EXACTLY what I got and I am happy with the way the shoot came out!”  -Brendan Meyers

Working with Brendan Meyers Fitness was amazing, having prior experience with modeling made by job a much easier. I had a fellow photographer buddy of mine (Gregorie Jules) assist me with this shoot. As Brendan contact me regarding a sunrise shoot I instantly knew the perfect place. After hiking about 300ft on sharp bulky rocks with my camera gear, I don’t regret it a bit. I think I captured his good side, tell me what you think.

Brendan Meyers Fitness

Brendan Meyers Fitness

Brendan Meyers Fitness

Photographer: Stanlo Photography

Assistant: Imagery by Jules

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