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Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2017 (Nassau)

Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2017

The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, is a festival that provides an experience showcasing a collage of culture from throughout the Caribbean. Additionally, it is a celebration where Bahamians and guests from around the world will be immersed in all things Bahamian. Since the inception of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in 2015, more and more Bahamians are catching […]


BAHA MAR NOW OPEN (Nassau Bahamas)


What an amazing feeling to be apart such a huge moment in Bahamian History today. BAHA MAR Now Open!  It’s was so awesome seeing this amazing resort “finally open”. Phase One of the opening included Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Baha Mar Casino, Baha Mar Arts & Convention Center, Baha Mar’s Royal Blue Golf Club, more than 12 indoor […]


New Years Junkanoo 2017 (Nassau Bahamas)

New Years Junkanoo 2017

New Years Junkanoo 2017 Junkanoo! The greatest cultural event in the Bahamas! Junkanoo is the strongest remaining African tradition in the Bahamas. With this in mind, I decided that I would try to capture the essence of Junkanoo with only 30 images or less. This was an Epic fail! New Years Junkanoo 2017 was fill with […]


Miss Universe Bahamas Delegate 2016

Miss Universe Bahamas Delegate 2016

Miss Universe Bahamas Delegate 2016 Miss Universe Bahamas is a pageant dedicated to the overall enrichment of the lives of young women across The Bahamas. The beauty pageant represents one component of a well-rounded approach to educating and grooming the beautiful ladies of the Bahamas. This kind of woman has the ability to change the world. It […]


Los Angeles Summer Vacation Babb Family

Los Angeles Summer Vacation I’m so happy this busy wedding weekend is finished; I finally have time to share my amazing family vacation with you guys. When choosing a vacation we always look for places that we’ve never visited. When Los Angeles came into the conversation I was super happy as this location has been […]

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South Florida Wedding Makeup | by Mia Farah


South Florida Wedding Makeup As a South Florida Wedding Photographer I always want the best for my clients. We look at the beautiful photos but often overlook how important wedding makeup can be to your beautiful portraits. I just thought I would share one of my favorite South Florida wedding vendors and a few Bridal […]


Dangerous Reptiles in Miami | Chandler Kamenesh

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami Meet Chandler Kamenesh as he encounters Dangerous Reptiles in Miami. Chandler Kamenesh is a 17 year old wildlife expert, extremist. He just loves anacondas, Sharks, alligators, hand catching venomous snakes, and a variety of other dangerous wildlife. He also puts his life on the line to save animals. Chandler is known to even […]