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Cloisters Bahamas Engagement Photo

The Cloisters Bahamas Engagement Photos

While in the bahamas during the christmas holidays we received a call from this amazing couple(Terelle & Gerrard). With only two days away we set out to plan the ultimate engagement session. The couple explained that they take christmas photos every year and would like to take it to the next level. What better engagement venue than the Cloisters Bahamas Engagement Ocean club and one of our amazing beaches. Terelle & Gerrard was such a joy to work it, which made is easy to document their true love for each other. The bahamas is such a beautiful location for weddings, one of the reason I enjoy being a Bahamas Wedding Photographer.

Terelle & Gerrard where High school sweethearts that met in 10th grade in 2001.  They dated off and on through high school and college  but knew each other for almost 15 years. Gerrard decided to make it official when he proposed after the perfect dinner on New Year Eve in 2013. He asked her about her goals for the New Year in post-dinner conversation and the ring was brought out with dessert! Everyone in the restaurant cheered and celebrated with champagne. She went into 2014 with one goal scratched off my list!




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