Dangerous Reptiles in Miami | Chandler Kamenesh

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami

Meet Chandler Kamenesh as he encounters Dangerous Reptiles in Miami. Chandler Kamenesh is a 17 year old wildlife expert, extremist. He just loves anacondas, Sharks, alligators, hand catching venomous snakes, and a variety of other dangerous wildlife. He also puts his life on the line to save animals. Chandler is known to even run threw wild fires at the Everglades to save anything tha needs escape from the scorching bush fire flames. He also films his encounters for the public to watch and enjoy. Chandler Kamenesh is on a whole other level when it comes to wildlife. Crocodile Dundee’s got nothing on Chandler Kamenesh.

     “Dude where are the animals”, where my first words to Chandler. I was just so amazed to see such huge creatures fit in such small containers. Packed up with a few cloth sacks and wooden crates was a False Water Cobra, a Black Throat Monitor, 2 Tegus, Yellow Anaconda, Green Anaconda, and a Blue Tongue Skink. Also Accompanying him was Marc Rodriguez who is a friend of his for 6 years. Chan and Marc spend a lot of time together seeing that he’s the only person crazy enough to film all of Chandler’s crazy encounters. Also getting in on the fun was Enerlin Martinez my assistant, which fell in love with the Blue Tongue Skink. I had a blast working with these guys, of course we all know I had my long lens mounted on the camera.
 I love to share wildlife with people so when I whipped out two cranky eight  foot anacondas Stan’s face was priceless! Stan’s an insanely good photographer who takes unbelievable photos and videos. I love Dangerous Reptiles in Miami. I recommend Stanlo to anybody who wants the best quality photos.      -Chandler



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