New Years Junkanoo 2017 (Nassau Bahamas)

New Years Junkanoo 2017

New Years Junkanoo 2017

Junkanoo! The greatest cultural event in the Bahamas! Junkanoo is the strongest remaining African tradition in the Bahamas. With this in mind, I decided that I would try to capture the essence of Junkanoo with only 30 images or less. This was an Epic fail! New Years Junkanoo 2017 was fill with so much excitement which made this task impossible for me. After watching the parade for years in the stands, it was such an interesting experience documenting from the streets. It was such an awesome feeling to really enjoy the parade, not worrying about who won and embrace the moment. I was so impressed to see the hard work and dedication the Bahamian people put in to parade even after such a drastic storm(Hurricane Matthew). This really shows how important this parade is to our culture. Please enjoy the Bahamas New Years Junkanoo 2017 from my perspective. Feel free to leave awesome comments below:)




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