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Paradise Island Bridge Bahamas

Such a beautiful day for a stroll over the Paradise Island Bridge Bahamas . I got to spend some time with Geo and Stephanie, as I document their fun loving  personalities. It not everyday you meet a couple with so much swag. We chose the Paradise Island Bridge Bahamas because it was common place they both loved to take strolls over while they both take in the fresh air and view the beautiful Atlantis Resort skyline.

This amazing bridge rises above the Harbour and is about 600 feet long and 75 feet high at the crest.  It’s quite a hike in the heat for those that are not in shape.  The base of the easternmost bridge is the busy and bustling Potters Cay.  This Cay is where the fishing and work boats come in carrying goods from the Out Islands.  You’ll also find the mailboats lined up here.  Geo and Stephanie love to have small fish and fruit shacks with the freshest catch of the day as well as well prepared fresh fish and conch dinners under the bridge.  They often watch a fierce game of dominos and sip a cold Kalik (local beer), or savor a spicy conch salad freshly made while you wait.

Location: Paradise Island Bridge



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