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Dangerous Reptiles in Miami | Chandler Kamenesh

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami

Dangerous Reptiles in Miami Meet Chandler Kamenesh as he encounters Dangerous Reptiles in Miami. Chandler Kamenesh is a 17 year old wildlife expert, extremist. He just loves anacondas, Sharks, alligators, hand catching venomous snakes, and a variety of other dangerous wildlife. He also puts his life on the line to save animals. Chandler is known to even […]


South Pointe Park | Miami Fashion

Arriving on South Pointe Park South Beach Miami, I could feel the magic in the atmosphere as the weather was just perfect. Meeting Courtney through a mutual friend, she explained and emphasized that she wanted her B-Day shoot to be spontaneous. I immediately thought of a friend (Histore Vintage) that has a large collection of vintage items. It wasn’t until we arrived to the venue that we chose a wardrobe for this look. Seeming a bit nervous at first, quickly became the past as she embraced this stylish look. Courtney was very easy to work with having prior modeling experience, but all this would not be possible without the help and support of my amazing TEAM.


Los Olas Family Photos | River Walk Lauderdale

Los Olas Family Photos

Los Olas Family Photos While speaking with Keesha, I was informed that I would be photographing her along with her Husband and “young kids”. I arrived early at Los Olas River Walk, in search of good places to shoot. I had everything set poses, props, lots of ideas for young kids. After arriving, I learned the “young […]