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As a Bahamas Wedding Photographer based in South Florida, i'm constantly meeting amazing people from so many different cultures. In my world, everyone’s story matters and living in many countries has shown me the incredible importance of culture. Around the world, everyone celebrates marriage in one form or another, a ritual that every nation has in common. A wedding is one of the best times to see many amazing and unique cultural traditions. Not simply to witness and post photos on Facebook or Instagram, but to truly see the beauty and essence in the ceremony.

My joy in photographing weddings comes from my deep belief in marriage and I think it is one of the most incredible adventures one can participate in. I enjoy photographing weddings around the world because I believe that love is an integral part of humanity.

We all prioritize what we want to invest in on our wedding day. For some, the venue is priority. For others it might be the flowers, food, or cake. Brides and grooms spend so much time and money on the details of their wedding they should have it all photographed in a beautiful and artful way. We all need a professional photographer knows how to capture the emotions and meaningful moments that can pass by in an instant. Whatever your priority is, investing in a photographer should be at the top of your list.